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Taking a Deep Look at BetDSI Contests

BetDSI is one of the best online sportsbooks you can find on the internet and not only do they offer every sport and every wager you want, they also bring a wide variety of special features. Other sites simply don’t do what BetDSI does. They have promotions, bonuses, and, most unique of all, contests. The contests offered at BetDSI are not only fun to play but can be quite profitable as well. Here’s a look at what they offer and how to play.

Cappers Cup

Be sure to check out the “Contests” page at BetDSI and there you’ll find the Cappers Cup. In order to play, you pick five NFL games against the spread each week and you receive a point for every correct pick. The contestant with the highest point total at the NFL season’s end with the pool’s cash prize.

Bet the Board

BetDSI’s Bet the Board is a handicapping contest that will test any gamblers season-long endurance as contestants much pick every game of the NFL regular season. You receive one point for every correct selection, and the player with the most points at year’s end takes home the cash prize. If you are in for the long haul, Bet the Board is perfect for you.

Sharp Survivor

The Sharp Survivor contest at BetDSI is a survivor pool that couldn’t be simpler to play. Each pool member picks a team to win straight up each week. When your pick wins, you move on to the next week. However, a loss eliminates you from the pool immediately and the difficulty lies in the fact you can only use a team one time all season. Keep picking winners until you’re the last man standing and the winner.

Streak Challenge

This BetDSI contest is free to play every day of the week and is, again, available on the “Contests” page. There you will see the Streak Challenge contest. Guess as little as five games correctly to begin earning Free Play credits which you can go on to use in their sportsbook or casino.

If your streak hits 21 in a row, you can earn $25,000 cash with absolutely no rollover requirements included. Regardless of how long your streak is or even when it ends, the player with the longest streak each month nets an additional $1,000 in Free Play credits. Nothing to lose here and plenty to win.

Office Pool Square Contest

All of the contests at BetDSI are easy to join and the Office Square Contest is no different. On the “Contest” page, simply purchase a “square” for as little as $2 or as much as $500 on any of the offered events. Five minutes after the game begins, the computer will assign the numbers randomly 0-9 on the Home and Away sides. If both of your numbers for you square match the last digit of both teams’ scores, you take the pool. Just like at the office but only everyday.

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