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Win Big With the 5Dimes Streak Betting Contest

5Dimes has long been one of the best online sports gambling sites available. For over 15 years, 5Dimes has offered all of the most popular sports and all the best wagers every day in their top-notch sportsbook. Their bonuses and rewards are also some of the best with plenty of free money to pad your account.

They are a unique and innovative site ready to earn your action. In fact, one of the features that keep players coming back is their great contests. For instance, 5Dimes has a Streak Betting Contest you’ll want to take advantage of and here’s how it works.

First off, the Streak Betting Contest is free of charge and available to every 5Dimes player. Once you’ve signed up with 5Dimes and joined the contest, you’ll want to start picking winners. The object is to build-up a streak of consecutive winning picks on specific events to collect a Betting Streak payout when you reach a certain amount.

Then, if you have the highest scoring Betting Streak on the 5Dimes monthly leaderboard, you’ll collect their monthly prize. Betting streaks are paid out at when you reach 5, 10, 15 and 25 consecutive winning picks and, of course, if you have the longest streak of the month, you’ll collect the monthly prize as well. Take you streak to the limit with 25 consecutive winning picks and win a $5,000 cash prize.

To get started, simply login to your sportsbook account and click on “Betting Contest” on the left side of the menu. You create a screen name to use and then click on “Create.” To start, you should check your prize eligibility because you’ll have to have been active in the 5Dimes sportsbook within 24 hours of posting the first winning pick on your Betting Streak. Each day, you must select one pick to win from the list offered on the “Today’s Pick” tab.

Simply pick a winner and confirm. If your selection is the winner, you’ll receive one point towards your Betting Streak score. Stay on top of your picks though, as if you fail to make a pick within seven days of your previous winning selection, your steak is reset back to zero. Once your betting streak hits on a paying position, you’ll be awarded a prize according to that milestone, and, of course, the prizes are great.

Betting streaks of 5 wins are awarded a $50 Free-Play.
Betting streaks of 10 wins are awarded a $500 Free-Play.
Betting streaks of 15 wins are awarded a $2000 Free-Play.
Betting streaks of 25 wins are awarded a $5000 Cash Reward.
The Betting Streaks Contest winner of the month is credited with an extra $1000 Free-Play.

Join up with 5Dimes to find this contest plus plenty more. Their sportsbook, their bonuses, their promotions, and their contests are all worth your time and your action. There is plenty of money to be made when on a hot streak, get on one at 5Dimes and have it payout even more. Up to $6000 more.

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