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North Carolina Sports Betting Launch Delayed

The state of North Carolina already has legal sports betting, but all of those wagers currently have to be placed in-person at a retail sportsbook. While that still gives bettors in the state some options, online sports betting is coming to the state eventually.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission plays a large role in the sports betting industry, and there is a Sports Betting Advisory Committee that is working to hand out licenses. Both groups continue to meet regularly, but it doesn’t seem as if anything is really getting accomplished. 

A firm launch date for mobile betting has not been set, but the earliest possible date was January 8th. That was initially the goal for everyone involved in this process, but it has already been announced that there is no hope of hitting that target. 

Sports betting applications are going to be available through December 27th, and then it is going to take some time before all of those applications are reviewed. These mobile apps have to be up and running by June 14th, and it’s starting to seem like that might be cutting it close. 

No Super Bowl Betting

The sports betting market in North Carolina is not expected to be large, but this is a state with a strong sports culture. Launching during the NFL season would have allowed sportsbooks to get off to a good start, but that no longer appears to be the case. 

Both regulators in the state, and potential sportsbooks, have recently turned their attention to a sports betting launch before the Super Bowl in February. The most recent update makes that seem like something that won’t happen, and the state is going to lose out on millions of dollars. 

This new sports betting law was signed into law back in June by Governor Roy Cooper, and there was plenty of support in the state to get things done. North Carolina is a state that should attract plenty of operators, but it’s unclear which operators will target entry. 

A second set of sports betting rules is set to be finalized soon, and that is going to be another important step to help shape this sports betting market. Public comment has now closed on that set of rules, and it will be interesting to see if any major changes are coming. 

A Look at Some Rules

Mobile betting is going to be available throughout the state, and that will allow bettors from all over North Carolina to make some wagers. An approved set of sports betting markets will be announced at some point, but it’s going to be very similar to what you see from retail sports betting. 

Potential sportsbooks are going to be required to partner with a sports team in the state of North Carolina in order to apply for one of the licenses that are available. Currently there are just 11 professional sports organizations that can partner with an online sports betting operator, but more could always be added at a later date. 

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