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Bodog Opens Bovada for US Players

Bovada is the new US version of Bodog that opened today – December 14, 2011.  Why is Bodog doing this?  The main reason is due to their new UK gambling license, so they moved to and created a “new brand” to service their US customers.  The only thing different is the name. will service US players and will service Europe along with for our Northern neighbors in Canada.

The address for Bovada Poker is This seems odd at first, but once you start to examine the address, you notice that the “lv” could stand for Las Vegas and the name “Bovada” looks like a mix between Bodog and Nevada.

Current US residents with a Bodog account will be transferred over to Bovada, and they should already have an email explaining this..  They use the same software and same everything, the only difference is the name.

We will be updating our reviews immediately with all the new information, for example the our Bovada poker review.


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