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PartyPoker Comes Back to New Jersey

Party Poker in New JerseyPartyPoker has made its (legal) return to the United States in New Jersey’s Borgata Casino of Atlantic City.  The last time anyone from the US could play at PartyPoker was in October 2006.  Their newest software for New Jersey is a combination of a social media website and online gambling.

Currently the only game offered is a no limit holdem in cash games and tournament play. Even with a smaller choice of games, they have managed to up the appeal of their online software by incorporating add-ons like a friends list and news feed. The news feed is cool as you can see how your friends are currently doing in their games. Plus with a notifications tab, you can see what your friends are doing in real time if you would like to join their game and then take their money!

A new bonus included in the New Jersey PartyPoker software is an achievements tab. When you visit this section, you can complete missions. While some users are finding this to be a little bit of a ruse to take away from the actual game, some are finding the missions enjoyable. Completing certain task as listed can win you prizes such as cash or tournament play.

Many are enjoying this new step in safe 100% legal and regulated gambling, but with the new always comes a few bugs. One of the current complaints being made is a problem with the geolocation. Users must be logged into a steady internet connection or they may lose valuable chips. Plus, if the geolocation is off, the software may not pick up that you are in New Jersey and eligible for gameplay.

With the many people who want to try this new software, users are also experiencing some lagging. Every gamer will tell you that timing is everything. It is true even when you are playing online. If you lag too much, you may experience difficulty with your timing in the game. Don’t want to miss making that bid, folding, or raising. That could be bad for you!

PartyPoker in New Jersey is out in full force and so far it is receiving a warm welcome from new and old Party poker players.  There is also a mobile software on the horizon that should be added soon.

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